Description: Thanks to gamma radiation, the angrier Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets. So when Hulk gets really steamed, HULK SMASH!
Team: Avengers
Playable: Yes
Cost: 600 Gold
Voice Actor: Travis Willingham
Marvel Lore: + 0
Fight Style: Melee
Movement: Super Jump
Basic Combo:
  • First: 9 Damage & Knockback, punches an enemy.
  • Second: 11 Damage & Knockback, punches an enemy.
  • Third: 19 Damage & Knockback, stomps on an enemy.
  • Fourth: 28 Damage & Knockdown, pushes out surrounding enemies with arms and chest.
  • Fifth: 42 Damage & Knockdown, claps at surrounding enemies.
  • Total: 109
Power 1: Big Green Uppercut -1 Star- Does an uppercut on an enemy, dealing 28 Damage & Knockdown.
  • 36 Damage with badge
Power 2: Loudest There Is! -2 Stars- Roars loudly at surrounding enemies, dealing 29 Damage & Knockdown to all within range, and activates Damage Boost and Cannot be knocked down.
  • 32 Damage with badge
Power 3: Bigger Green Uppercut -3 Stars- Winds up arm and does a stronger uppercut on a group of enemies, dealing 77 Damage & Knockdown to all.
  • 91 Damage with badge
Hero Up: Cannonballs in the ground to hit surrounding enemies, dealing 127 Damage & Knockdown to all within range. Cannot be knocked down.
  • 136 Damage with badge

Alternate Outfits


Upon Entering: "Hulk strongest there is."
Character Select: "Why you no pick Hulk?"
Using Door: "Where does door go?"
Citizen Greeting: "Hello little person!"
Eating Pizza: "Uh Hulk just get one pizza this time."
Going in Water: "Hulk dive in with both feet."
Destroying Trouble-bot: "Puny thing get out of Hulk's way."
Chasing Robber: "When Hulk get you, Hulk SMASH!"
Using Hotspot: N/A
Using Wheel: "Hulk spin big wheel!"
Visiting Shop: "I'll give you coins, you give Hulk stuff."
Visiting Parker House: "This pie most delicious there is."
Sitting: "Hulk tiredest there is."
Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to lift, etc.): "Hey thing."
Solo Mission: "Ha! Hulk do mission with no help!"
Mission with Other Squads: "Hulk team up with other heroes."
Mission Complete: "Hulk strongest there is!"
Mission with Other Squads Complete: "Hulk strongest there is! ....But you guys pretty good, too."
Power 1: "Big uppercut!"
Power 2: *roars*
Power 3: "Hulk launch you into orbit!"
Hero-Up: "Cannonball!"

To Avengers Thor:
To Classic Thor:
To Classic Wolverine:
To Gladiator Hulk:
To Falcon:​ "Bird wants to join forces with Hulk? Hooray!"
To Hulkbuster Iron Man: "Why you look at Hulk that way, big metal man? What me have something on face?"
To Iron Man: "Okay, Hulk. The bad guys are over that way. Smash them, not me."
To Red Hulk:"Who is Red Hulk? Hah, you no fool me. Hulk hulkiest there is"
To Red She-Hulk: "Hulk think red lady looks familiar, but why does red lady looks so angry? Maybe Hulk and red lady can smash together!"
To Samurai Wolverine:
To Scarlet Witch:
To Silver Surfer:
To She-Hulk:Hi, cousin. Time for Hulks to smash together.”
To Stealth Armor Iron Man: "Where'd metal man go? Can't see him when he wear sneaky armor."
To Street Clothes Wolverine:
To Thor: "No hit Hulk with lightning. Hit bad guys with lightning instead."
To Ultimate Thor:
To Wolverine:
Easy Card Quest: Carnival Daze
Power Card Quest: Up the Stakes
Jade Giants