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Description: Iron Man created this suit of special armor for Spider-Man to wear into battle!
Team: Spider Friends; Iron Legion
Playable: Yes
Cost: Retired
Voice Actor: Yuri Lowenthal
Marvel Lore: + 2
Fight Style: Melee
Movement: Web Swing & Wall Crawl
Health: 350 / 450 / 750
Combo Damage:
  • First: 8 Damage, hit an enemy with mechanical arm.
  • Second: 12 Damage, hit an enemy with mechanical arm.
  • Third: 7+7 Damage & Knockdown, hit an enemy with 2 mechanical arms.
  • Fourth: 6+6+6 Damage, shoots 3 web shots at an enemy.
  • Fifth: 50 Damage & Knockdown, creates a ball of web and swings it around at surrounding enemies
  • Total: 102
    • 33+37+(32+32)+(31x3)+75=302 with gold badge at level 40
Power 1: Five-Armed Fury - Performs a 5-hit arm combo on an enemy dealing 6 Damage & Knockback each hit.
  • 8x5=40 Damage with silver badge at level 12
  • 33x5=165 Damage with gold badge at level 40
Power 2: Defense Systems - Go! - Health and Armor Boost.
  • Better boosts with silver badge at level 15
  • Healing Rate: Recovery 15 health and last for 10 seconds, can be used anywhere in the screen.
  • Boost: Reduces all damage taken by 30% for 10 seconds.
Power 3: Iron Spinner - Spins mechanical arms and hits surrounding enemies multiple times, dealing 8 Damage each hit, and shoots multiple web shots in all directions, dealing 25 Damage each hit.
  • (9x12)+(30x6)=288 Damage with silver badge at level 18
  • (34x12)+(55x6)=738 Damage with gold badge at level 40
  • Pro Tip: This attack is especially effective on bosses, can hit up to 12 hits with mechanical arms and up to 6 hits with web shots, but can be interrupted.
Hero Up: Slams into the ground and makes the Avengers symbol, dealing 112 Damage & Knockdown to all in radius.
  • 150 Damage with silver badge at level 20
  • 175 Damage with gold badge at level 40
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Upon Entering: "It's your friendly neighborhood Iron Spider!"
Character Select: "Pick me and you'll be instantly awesome!"
Using Door:
Eating Pizza:
Citizen Greeting:
Going in Water:
Destroying Trouble-bot:
Chasing Robber:
Using Hotspot:
Using Wheel:
Visiting Shop:
Visiting Parker House:
Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to lift, etc.):
Solo Mission:
Mission with Other Squads:
Solo Mission Complete:
Mission Complete with Other Squads:

Power 1:
Power 2: "Lets see what this suit can do!"
Power 3: "Here we go!"
Hero-Up: "Time for my heroic action pose! Sweet!"

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