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Description: On his journey to the west, Monkey King uses his powers of strength, speed, and magic to help win the fight against evil.
Team: None
Playable: Yes
Cost: 600 Gold
Voice Actor: Antony Del Rio
Marvel Lore: +0
Fight Style: Melee
Movement: Flight, Double Jump
Combo Damage: 13+11+13+37+46=120
Power 1: Ruyi Jingu Bang -1 Star- Shoots energy beam from staff for 30 Damage
Power 2: One of 84,000 Hairs -2 Stars- Creates a self-trap that explodes for 23 or 25 Damage. Enemies that run into the trap get hit for additional damage.
Power 3: Monkey Business -3 Stars- Plucks out a hair and blows it at a single target for 71 Damage.
Hero Up: Flies around on cloud in a large counter-clockwise circle dealing 120 Damage to each target.
Upon Entering: "I will stop here on my journey to the West."
Character Select: "Let us go on an adventure together."
Using Door: "What mysteries lie behind this door?"
Eating Pizza: "It is true what they say... about monkeys and pizza."
Citizen Greeting: "Greetings."
Going in Water: "I could part this water, but it is quite refreshing."
Destroying Trouble-bot: "Forgive me, but you do not belong here."
Chasing Robber: "Hey! Quit monkeying around!"
Using Hotspot: n/a
Using Wheel: "There is no trickery in this wheel, is there?"
Visiting Shop: "Let's see, I need golden armour, a phoenix feather cap..."
Visiting Parker House: "Thank you for the delicious pie."
Sitting: "This is no cloud, but it will do."
Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to lift, etc.): "You're not from one of my hairs, are you?"
Solo Mission: "I am not used to adventures by myself, but let us see what happens."
Mission with Other Squads: "Well. These will certainly be different companions."
Solo Mission Complete:‚Äč "Another adventure complete."
Mission Complete with Other Squads: "You all are truly amazing companions."

To Black Cat: "Even if black cats were unlucky, I would bring my own luck."
To Black Panther: "A panther and a monkey working together, no one can defeat us"
To Black Widow: "I hear the Black Widow is the most venomous creature on Earth... shudder."
To Reptil:
To all Spider-Man types: "Spider-MAN. Not Spider-monkey-. I suppose I'll have to do."
To Wasp: