Description: She-Hulk is almost as strong as her big green cousin, but without all those pesky anger management issues.
Team: Avengers
Playable: Yes
Cost: 100 Gold or 1000 Fractals
Voice Actor: Grey Delisle
Marvel Lore: + 1
Fight Style: Melee
Movement: Super Jump
Health: 350 / 450 / 750
Combo Damage:
  • First: 7 Damage, punches an enemy.
  • Second: 8 Damage, punches an enemy.
  • Third: 11 Damage, kicks an enemy.
  • Fourth: 25 Damage & Knockdown, stomps the ground and hits surrounding enemies.
  • Fifth: 33 Damage & Knockdown, claps and hits surrounding enemies.
  • Total: 84
    • 32+33+36+50+58=209 with gold badge ta level 40
Power 1: Gamma Dropkick - Jumps into an enemy with a dropkick, dealing 23 Damage & Knockback.
  • 30 Damage with silver badge at level 12
  • 55 Damage with gold badge at level 40
Power 2: Big Green Beauty - Pulls out sunglasses, dealing 39 Damage & Stun to all in radius.
  • 56 Damage with silver badge at level 15
  • 81 Damage with gold badge at level 40
Power 3: She Hulk Smash! - Pounds the ground 8 times and hits surrounding enemies, dealing 8 Damage & Knockdown each hit.
  • 9x8=72 Damage with silver badge at level 18
  • 34x8=272 Damage with gold badge at level 40
Hero Up: Smashes the ground and hits surrounding enemies, dealing 95 Damage & Knockdown to all in arc in front of her.
  • 126 Damage with silver badge at level 20
  • 151 Damage with gold badge at level 40
Upon Entering: "Watch out! Big green lady coming through."
Character Select: "C'mon. Like you're not going to pick me?"
Using Door: "Wonder where this goes."
Citizen Greeting: "Hi, I'm She-Hulk."
Eating Pizza: "I asked for GREEN onions. Oh well."
Going in Water: "There's no law against walking in water."
Destroying Trouble-bot: "Get outta here you little twerp!"
Chasing Robber: "I can do law AND order! Get back here!"
Using Hotspot: N/A
Using Wheel: "If I win any prizes, I'm keeping them for myself."
Visiting Shop: "I love shopping."
Visiting Parker House: "This isn't gamma-irradiated pie, is it?"
Sitting: "Time to sit my big green butt down for a sec."
Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to Lift, etc.): "Poke, poke, poke."
Solo Mission: "There's only one She-Hulk and one's all I need."
Mission with Other Squads: "Let's do this everybody!"
Solo Mission Complete: "She-Hulk wins! Flawless victory!"
Mission Complete with Other Squads: "Great job, everyone! You're all honorary She-Hulks."

Power 1: "Does this kick make my feet look big?"
Power 2: "Is it awesome in here, or is it just me?"
Power 3: "She-Hulk smash!"
Hero Up: "You're making me angry."

To Hulk: “Hey, cuz', you ready to Hulk it up?”
To Red She-Hulk:
Easy Card Quest: None
Power Card Quest: None
She-Hulk_-_Back_to_the_Wall.pngShe_Hulk_-_Double_Slam_Sandwich.pngShe_Hulk_-_Green_With_Anger.pngShe_Hulk_-_Group_Hug.pngShe-Hulk_-_Heroic_Effort.pngIron_Man_She-Hulk_-_Strength_Training.pngShe-Hulk_-_Surprise_Witness.pngShe-Hulk_-_Unbelievable_Strength.pngShe-Hulk_-_Cross-Examination.jpgJade Giants 1200.jpg