Description: Gangsters and super-villains alike all fear the mysterious Spider-Man from an alternate past!
Team: Spider Friends
Playable: Yes
Cost: Fractals
Voice Actor:
Marvel Lore: +1
Fight Style: Melee
Movement: Double Jump
Combo Damage: 6+8+15+(16+16+16)+9+18=104
Power 1: Lead Sandwich - 40 Damage
  • 55 Damage with badge
Power 2: The Big Kick - 12+12+12 Damage
  • 16+16+16 Damage with badge
Power 3: Spider-Hop - 46 Damage
  • 54 Damage with badge
Hero Up: 35 damage each hit
  • 47 Damage with badge
Alternate Outfits

Upon Entering: "Here comes the Spider-Man!"
Character Select: "Smart money's on me, pal."
Using Door: "Wonder what's in here?"
Eating Pizza: "Not for nothin', but you fellas make a mean pizza pie!"
Citizen Greeting: "Hey, how are ya'?"
Going in Water: "Aw nuts, my boots are all wet now!"
Destroying Trouble-bot: "Hey, you!...Scram."
Chasing Robber: "A smart guy would've gave up! Guess you're not a smart guy, huh?"
Using Hotspot: N/A
Using Wheel: "Hey! This prize wheel's pretty swell! Check out those prizes!"
Visiting Shop: "I suppose I could take a look around in here..."
Visiting Parker House: "Thanks for the pie, Ma'am. It was something else!"
Sitting: "Time to..Take a load off."
Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to lift, etc.): "What the heck does this do!?"
Solo Mission: "You picked the wrong Spider-Man to mess with, pal!"
Mission with Other Squads: "Lets show these knuckleheads who's boss!"
Solo Mission Complete:
Mission Complete with Other Squads: "Swell job, everybody. Those goons won't be bugging anyone again."

Power 1: "Looks like you could use a little lead in your diet!"
Power 2: "You'll get a kick out of this, buddy!"
Power 3: "Check out the fancy footwork!"
Hero-Up: "Get a load of this, you mugs!"

To Avengers Iron Man:
To Avenging Wolverine:
To Black Cat:
To Black Suit Spider-Man:
To Captain America:
To Deadpool:
To Green Goblin (Playable):
To Hulk:
To Punisher:
To Spider-Girl: "They got Spider-GIRLS now! How about that."
To Spider-Man:
To Spider-Woman: